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XPC Dynamics LLC.

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Web Development & Hosting Services

Web and E-mail Server Services

In order to stay competitive and successful in today's economy, online merchandising is quickly becoming an absolute necessity. Managing web servers is time consuming and requires experienced personnel. Our staff's experience in managing and maintaining POP3, FTP, IIS and various other application servers will allow you to reach global customers and access your data from remote locations via portable hardware.

Custom 'In House' Designed Web Based Solutions

At XPC Dynamics, we foresee a complete, comprehensive and centralized solution to your day to day operations, resulting in increased end-user productivity, better coordination & communication among various entities involved.

By implementing web-based data management solutions, you can also expect more timely delivery of materials, accurate invoicing, real-time tracking, reduced equipment loss and an overall reduction of wasted time and expenditures.

Our custom applications are web-driven to allow a great deal of flexibility and encompass the simplicity of  remote management features not found on local client installations. With a Web based application, the data can be secured offsite while retaining access from virtually anywhere in the world.  Onsite servers can also be configured into an intranet solution designed for closed circuit networks.  

To this end, XPC Dynamics aims at developing an industry standard by providing a full circle of services via the Internet for our clients. One of our primary goals is to continue producing applications that increase end-user productivity and profitability, and thereby driving our company into an industry standard.