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Implementing Voice Over Internet Protocol Solutions  

What better way to save money than to piggy-back all telephony operations over your existing Internet connection. Save big with Voice over IP (VoIP) telephones and telephony management services. By extending the reach of your office phone to wherever Internet is available, you can take advantage of portability & relocation features which provide a host of call forwarding and redirecting options for all your home office or remote telephony scenarios.

What is Voice over IP and What can it do for me?

In it’s simplest terms, Voice over IP takes your organization’s day to day vocal telephone and fax communications and  routes them through your pre-existing Internet service.  Modern equipment such as phones and fax machines are now designed to plug directly into your network infrastructure.


These IP (Internet Protocol) devices translate your voice/fax communications in to digital broadband data, thus tying them directly to your Internet connection.

Imagine never having to pay another telephone bill or having to pay for expensive wiring projects just to add extra phone lines in your offices.

In addition to incredible cost savings, Voice over IP offers a wide variety of benefits to you and your operations.

Value added features such as call recording and file based message management, give you the flexibility to listen, share and categorize your calls from the desktop or portable PC. Hold web conferences, presentations, online faxing and more.  With the power of Online Virtual Office services, mobile managers are armed with a cost effective way to perform business activities while away from the office.

Other key features include:

These are just a few of the ways in which VoIP can help you make your communications simpler, efficient and at a lower cost to you!.

Please call us for further details!.

Voice over IP