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Software Solutions

With our custom software capabilities and over 40 years of combined experience we can analyze your business process and custom design a set of procedures aimed to guide your users and enforce a consistent flow of data throughout your entire business.  By streamlining your business processes  into a custom software design, you can promote operational consistency, time management and achieve the overall level of efficiency you depend on to ensure

that your business stays as competitive and as profitable as possible.

For example, many companies today rely on a data management system based on an over-abundance of Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and

Access databases floating about the office but have no organized direct relations to keep them in order.  Each user maintains a personal copy of

a particular file and edits it based on their own particular business need. This process promotes a great deal of redundant data wasting storage

space and can mislead users to depend on data that is neither complete nor up to date.


By analyzing the various processes and operational procedures at your organization,  an application could be developed to incorporate all or

most of your mission critical data into a more organized and centralized database driven process, which in turn would give you various custom

query and reporting capabilities.  With ease of access, and reliability of current as well as historical data, you can manage your day to day operations

knowing that your data is accurate, safe and available to you whether you're away from the office, or on vacation abroad.

Our custom applications are web-driven to allow a great deal of flexibility and encompass the benefits of remote management features not found on local client installations. With a Web based application, the data can be secured offsite while retaining access from virtually anywhere in the world.  Onsite servers can also be configured into an intranet solution designed for closed circuit networks.                                                                 

Application Development Tools

Web Development Tools

Database Development Tools


Bring the new millennia to work each day and enjoy a greener, more efficient way to conduct business.  Our In-House developed software integrates a robust set of features giving you the ability to manage your operations without the hassle of hunting down archived documents, or worrying whether your data is timely or accurate.  

Experience document management the way it was meant to be.